Outside the Lines Studio in Medford has a day program Nick has attended for six years. They're at Outsidethelinesstudio.org.

Whitney Hoke of OTL and Emmah from Beaverbrook Step, Inc., 2015

"Nick is an abstract expressionist painter who works in saturated colors exploring the relationship between each in a methodical and lively fashion. His works displays the motion of his hand and body creating a vivid and intuitive color field."
-Wallis Welsh, Art Director at Outside the Lines

“Nick's visual art explores the way colors blend together, overlap, and stand beside each other. Nick needs to feel inspired to paint and create. He needs to create on his own terms. After he finishes a painting, he beams with pride and it is so heartwarming. Every year when I attend Nick's Cambridge Open Studios he looks so happy and continues on that high for weeks afterward.”
-Whitney Hoke, Program Director at Outside the Lines


Wallis Welsh of OTL, 2016

Mike Piso and Diana Rice of OTL, Club Passim 2012